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Update of the COVID 19 virus from Miona Geriatric and Dementia Center


Dear Residents, Staff, and Friends:

We are saddened and disappointed to inform you that a staff member of the facility tested positive for Covid 19 today.  This unvaccinated staff member exhibits no symptoms, did not have any resident contact, and has not worked in the past two days. The potential for transmission from this source to any resident is low; however, any positive case whether it be a staff member or resident, requires the facility to implement additional infection control practices.

Although there was no known resident contact by this staff member, the facility by regulation must test 100 percent of all staff and residents within the next 24 hours.  Resident’s communal dining and activities will be suspended until testing results are determined.  Indoor visitation will be discontinued until further notice.  Window and outdoor visits will continue without interruption. Additional weekly testing will occur until assurance there is no transmission within the facility.

It is also a great benefit that all but one residents have been vaccinated for the Covid 19 virus, so even if exposure had occurred the probability of transmission and contracting the virus among the resident population is very low.

The facility will continue to keep you and the community updated on the results of testing.

For additional information on Miona and all facilities in Georgia Covid 19 statistics please access the following web site.

https://dch.georgia.gov/announcement/2020-05-12/long-term-care-facility-covid-19-report .



Since our last correspondence, all resident of Miona Geriatric & Dementia Center, who are not newly admitted, have received both rounds of the COVID-19 vaccination.  We have also had no positive case of COVID-19 within the staff and resident population since the last posting in February 2021.  Yesterday, CMS issued new guidance regarding visitation in skilled nursing facilities due to the effectiveness of the vaccinations. Below are Miona's new policies that will be fully implemented on 3/15/2021. We are cautiously optomistic that we will be able to list restrictions further in the coming months, and are excited to hear that the vaccine has been so effective.  Please reference the new policies on visitation and resident outing below.

Resident Visiting Policy Changes

  1. Indoor Visitation –Indoor visitation will be provided at all times and for all residents (regardless of vaccination status), except for a few circumstances when visitation should be limited due to a high risk of COVID-19 transmission. While this is the case, outdoor visitation is the preferred method at this to time to eliminate possible exposure to other residents while the Emergency Mandate is still in effect for Georgia.
  2. Core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention as outlined in the memo should be continued and followed. With the continuation of these practices and if the resident is fully vaccinated, residents can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand-hygiene before and after. Visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff while in the facility.
  3. Visitor will be allowed to visit in designated areas inside of the facility. But will be limited to two visitors per entry. Only during compassionate care visits will visitors be allowed to enter into resident’s rooms for visiting.
  4. Residents will be able to visit freely outside the facility and in designated areas of the facility grounds.
  5. When a resident outing occurs, the following criteria must be met in order for the resident to not quarantine upon his or her arrival back to the facility:
  • Visitor has been fully vaccinated and have provided a copy of my vaccination card to the facility or visitor is willing to take a COVID-19 test prior to the resident outing.
  • Visitor will ensure the resident will have no direct contact with any individual other than myself.
  • Visitor will ensure social distancing practices (6 feet of separation) will occur as much as possible for the duration of our outing.
  • Visitor will ensure proper infection control practices will occur for the duration of our outing including the use of hand sanitizer, hand washing, and wearing of a facemask cover by the resident and visitor.

Please note it is at the facility’s discretion to adjust policy and procedures based on the community positive level, resident potential exposures, positive COVID-19 testing, etc. to determine quarantine/isolation periods for residents. 

For a complete record of Miona and all other skilled nursing facilities in Georgia Covid cases please review the following website: https://dch.georgia.gov/announcement/2020-05-12/long-term-care-facility-covid-19-report .



Cathy Green, Administrator

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These springs are no longer available, but the spirit of fellowship and healing continues with the Miona Geriatric & Dementia Center. Miona Geriatric & Dementia Center is a skilled nursing facility that provides medical care in a professional and caring manner. We strive not only to meet our resident needs, but to exceed our resident's expectations.

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